Legacy creators

Our mission is to differently and apply a 360 degree view on each projects.
We are creators, interested in what comes out of our hands, as it represents our legacy.

Our Story

Hi, we’re a team of creators!

In 20 years, our team have build more than 10.000.000 square meters of new beginnings.

Every factory, school, gym or residence that we build, is more than just a building.

We create beginnings for the communities around us!

We take great pride in the legacy we create for others!

Is that somethings you want to be a part of?

Our team

Let’s get acquainted!

Management & Administrative

Calin Heput

General Manager

Sandu Baboi

Operations Director

Andreea Runcan

Permitting Manager

Structural Engineering

Marius Agrigoroaei

Head of Structural Department

Elena Enache

Structural Engineer

Elena Radu

Structural Engineer

Gabriela Ilie

Structural Engineer

Milena Orac

Structural Engineer

Panos Giannakopoulos

Structural Engineer

Mihaela Barbu

Structural Engineer

Marian Bortosu

Jr. Structural Engineer


Veronica Popovici

OAR Architect

Mihaela Bunu

OAR Architect

Cristian Rilea


Iulia Toderascu

Conductor Architect

Ana Razem

Student Architect

Alexandra Pestritu

Student Arhitect

Roads Engineering

Mirela Cojenescu

Roads Engineering Coordinator

Careers Creators

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Our team’s story

Who’s life did we impacted
through our work?

Internship Program

"This internship opportunity at PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION was a step forward in my professional development, because it gave me the chance to take part in the design process, alongside a team of professionals who use the latest technologies and programs, with the aim of sustainable development of the environment."

Ioan, Bucharest

5 years at Prodesign

"The field of construction is dynamic, expansive and challenging. After 5 years within Prodesign team, I am excited to be able to contribute to the realization of quality projects, whose value and efficiency have been proven over time.
I appreciate the stability of the workplace and the predictability of the tasks. The latter, however, are intertwined with constant challenges that have determined me to evolve from a professional standpoint. I was supported and given confidence, which makes me grateful.

Not only from professional perspective I've noticed an improvement, but also my organizational and communication skills were developed.
I am happy to work in a team that is a real support and with which I share common values: respect, professionalism, determination, a company like a family.:)"

Elena, Bucharest

Internship Program

"I truly believe that this internship helped a lot in consolidating the knowledge I acquired during the college, as well as clarifying  questions to which I would have found the answer only through the practical part. I also consider that it represents an important step forward to my professional future. As for the practice partner, I met professional people, from whom I had many things to learn. They constantly took a very good care of me, helping me in clearing up my doubts, and guiding me every step during the  practice program."

Ana-Maria, Bucharest

10 Years with PRODESIGN

"During these 10 years spent within the Prodesign family, I was given the opportunity to stand out as an employee with a strong work ethic and personal integrity. Thank you for the beautiful evolution together! Despite all the challenges, we maintained our focus and excelled in a very competitive environment! I appreciate the professionalism and determination shown by the team. However,  the respect of all colleagues  represents an essential factor for maintaining this wonderful family - PRODESIGN!"

Mihaela, Bucharest


Useful thing to read

The story of the Logod Trimodal Logistics Center Giurgiu, step by step

One of the biggest achievements that our company has had over the years is the construction of the ILR Giurgiu Trimodal Logistics Center, which is another trimodal for transporting goods with river, rail and road access. This project was entirely conceived by us, the H2 ProDesign team, so we managed to lay the foundations of a building that today represents the path to financial development in the field of freight transport. Thus, we designed the whole ensemble in such a way as to correspond to the needs that the initiators of the project had and that they continue to have today.

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Future generations, at the forefront of our list of priorities

We strongly believe in the potential that today’s young people have, despite the fact that it is still being circulated that a large part of them are not used to respecting the rigors imposed by certain work environments. We agree with this statement to a certain point, the one in which things can be done to move this grounded faith that has been grounded for several years. It is important for us, as a company, to know how to direct correctly those who come with fresh forces, but especially with ideas that can take out of the limits of the common dusty projects, much too standardized.

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H2 ProDesign, more than a top employer

When choosing a job, we pay attention to more details, and among those that occupy a job and a key role is the company’s ability to be, after all, a respected, top employer. The H2 ProDesign team is, therefore, one of those employers with whom anyone who has knowledge of architecture and wants a job in this field would like to collaborate.

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H2 ProDesign, a company that also focuses on the future of Architecture graduates

Nowadays, many companies, companies and organizations have started to focus more and more attention on graduates who finish a certain faculty, obtain a diploma and seek to practice in their favorite field. For many of these graduates, the thought that bad luck will be on their side is a frustrating factor, which is why, from year to year, the number of students who lean towards such a complex field begins to decline. What is the cause? Well, this very impossibility to later find a job that would bring them the happiness of teaching in the field for which they studied for years and for which they have a native talent.

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How can we innovate today through the power of people?

H2ProDesign relies on people’s ability to do great, memorable and professional things. Thus, we gathered in our team the most skilled design engineers and the best architects. For us, any project we receive is a challenge on which we pour all the necessary energy, so that our client is fully satisfied with the results we can finally offer. We take our role seriously and rely entirely on the skills and abilities that our employees form in our team or, in an even happier situation, already come with them well defined.

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As a company built upon a family ethos, we ensure that the considerable amount of time
we spend with our colleagues is as engaging as possible.