The story of the Logod Trimodal Logistics Center Giurgiu, step by step

13 July 2022

One of the biggest achievements that our company has had over the years is the construction of the ILR Giurgiu Trimodal Logistics Center, which is another trimodal for transporting goods with river, rail and road access. This project was entirely conceived by us, the H2 ProDesign team, so we managed to lay the foundations of a building that today represents the path to financial development in the field of freight transport. Thus, we designed the whole ensemble in such a way as to correspond to the needs that the initiators of the project had and that they continue to have today.

This project started in 2019, with a deadline of 2021. What our team has managed to achieve and develop here is in perfect agreement with the steps that need to be followed when it comes to such a project. large scale.

Therefore, among the main stages that have been completed are the specific architectural and design services, among which we mention:

  • General design
  • Architecture
  • Structural engineering
  • Mechanical, electrical and sanitary services
  • Technical support
  • Roads and platforms
  • Consulting & Project Management
  • Contract management

So, we can say that we took into account all the details related to how to build such a trimodal logistics center, so that it can be fully exploited, proving its usefulness on a daily basis. Today, trucks loaded with goods arrive here every day, which are unloaded, selected and subsequently redirected to other key points in the country, but also abroad.

Also, inside the trimodal hall is accepted the river access through the navigable basin (south facade), railway through the industrial railway (north facade) and road for trucks (entrance north facade with exit to the west facade), which has a close connection with the transport of goods between the three types of means of transport.

Why was the construction of this trimodal logistics center in Giurgiu important?

Given the strategic positioning of the city of Giurgiu, having connections for both land and land transport, it was necessary to build such a hall, at such a large capacity, to ensure storage and, subsequently, redirection to other countries. from Europe and the world of goods here. Thus, we can say that it was not only an ambitious project, which aimed to offer a different perspective on how to store and organize goods, but also a maximum need of the area, transited by the Danube River.

Moreover, our combination of technical expertise and creative design is reflected in our many successful models, including renowned iconic buildings and high-quality projects. So, this was also a project to which we gave a special importance, committing ourselves to conceive in the most creative way possible everything that means the construction part and, finally, the use of this hall.

The inauguration of the ILR Giurgiu trimodal center took place in October last year, where several outstanding personalities participated, who closely followed the evolution of this large-scale project. Among them, we mention the coordinator of the Rhine-Danube Corridor, Ines AyalaSender.

Moreover, the project “High Performance Green Port Giurgiu Stage II – Construction” (Green and High Performance Port Giurgiu), was funded through a European program called CEF – Mechanism for the Interconnection of Europe, which aimed to achieve a logistics terminal that was provided with a trimodal access, ie road, rail and river.

In addition, the novelty of this trimodal center is that it has the ability to be used in any weather conditions. The project itself also focused on the reconstruction and modernization of the unloading dock, investing large sums of money, including in the state-of-the-art equipment, which now has high performance, managing to make possible a multitude of operations, which in the past , involved more time, but also more effort.

In other news, this project also focused on the development of the existing railway in order to create a trimodal transport infrastructure. The main purpose of this solution is to make it possible to transport goods in the best possible conditions. This performance was achieved through the stage that led to the development of more opportunities for rail freight.

Also, various changes have been made for the rehabilitation of the road infrastructure in the ports, creating numerous spaces and access roads that have been much better developed, so that any activity can be carried out without any problems and how efficient it is. may be. In addition, much has been invested in ensuring that procedures are as simple as possible.

Last but not least, this project also included modifications and restructurings related to the dredging of the navigable canal, it was ordered the modernization of the information technology systems and their integration within the River Information System. Given the major importance of the waterway here in the area, a strong emphasis was also placed on this component, representing, perhaps, one of the most important parts of this large-scale project. Here, too, large investments were made, which were very necessary in the economy of the entire development project of this ILR Trimodal Logistics Center in Giurgiu.

Our team has succeeded as over the years, through the solid knowledge it has acquired, but also through its continuous creativity, a series of many other projects at least similar in terms of complexity. Thus, some of our significant achievements, known to the general public, are part of our portfolio.

Among the most well-known such projects are collaborations with hypermarkets, such as Auchan, Carrefour, Kaufland, car brands – Ford or even medical clinics such as Synevo.

We rely a lot on an exemplary organization, but especially on the creative capacity of our employees, engaged every day in their work. We strive to develop the most successful projects that have very good results in concrete terms. This is also an example of this Trimodal Logistics Center, which was a priority for the southern part of the country, especially the Giurgiu area.

Therefore, the realization of this project has led and will continue to lead to a regional development of the area, as well as to the intensification of issues related to the transport of goods in that part of the country, precisely through the possibility of access through three modes of transport: river , rail and land (road).

Finally, we say that we want to have successful collaborations with companies that aim at the same principles as ours: quality, safety, professionalism and unlimited creativity. We value these principles, so that in everything we do we offer the quality of a well-done thing. Professionalism is what makes the difference for us, so everyone we come in contact with only has something to gain. And safety is one of the details we focus on at all times, and creativity is one of the details with which we know we can make a difference at any time and through which we can stand out with our work. Through everything we do, we aim to be better and to come up with optimal solutions for all those who need them.