Project Evaluation

Certifying project value

Project evaluation is an integral part of project control. As for front-end and pre-investment consultancy services, at PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION we can evaluate clients’ properties to support their investment decisions.

Project evaluation involves examining and evaluating the probability of attaining its technical performance, schedule, and cost objectives. In addition, evaluations of projects provide insights into the relevance, sustainability, effectiveness, efficiency, and utility of programs and project development.

We have the experience to support the clients with peer reviews of third-party design and works, assess criteria like constructability, code compliance, and many other aspects, and help them improve design, avoid blunders, and save money.


We prepare comprehensive program and project evaluations and perform ex-ante evaluations, interim, and ex-post evaluations.

  • Ex-ante evaluations provide clients with information about the suitability of programs and projects before initiating them and help them direct funds where they are most helpful.
  • Interim evaluations give them the certainty that programs and projects are heading towards the desired outcomes and identify where they are not as valuable as desired, allowing them to identify and rectify potential and practical shortcomings and reorient their program and project.
  • Ex-post evaluations provide them with information about programs and projects completed and allow improving later engagements.

As consultants, we are covering the following project evaluation service:

Program and project evaluation:

  • Ex-ante evaluation
  • Ex-post evaluation
  • Interim evaluation


Due diligence/peer review and third-party inspections

  • Utilities
  • Plants
  • Building services
  • , E.g., constructability, code compliance

Valuations of existing facilities + installations

  • Utilities
  • Plants
  • Building services