Resources & Technology


We hire talented architects and engineers who wish to excel in every field of our business, from general design to consultancy and project management.

We grow professionalism and excellence through continuous specializations. Responsibility and freedom to explore new technical possibilities within our field of activity reward the initiatives, thus creating professional fulfillment and pride for those involved.

We achieve authentic artworks in the architectural and engineering field which shape the building space and our building system: high and very high buildings in seismic areas, in different structural systems, made of varied materials: reinforced concrete, steel, or mixed steel-concrete (BAR).

We respect and foster the architect’s creation. Each structural system complies with the requirements of the architectural, comfort, functionality, and optimal execution costs depending on the client’s budget.

We use advanced technology and software to offer optimal, feasible, and practical solutions. We have the technological potential (hardware & software) to transform our solutions into genuine architectural and engineering artworks. PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION has several high-performance design software licenses, among which we shall only mention a few, namely: ETABS 2016 ULTIMATE, ETABS 2016 PLUS, ABACUS RIB FERR 14.0, ALLPLAN – NEMETSCHEK 2022, XSTEEL – TEKLA, AXIS VM, AUTOCAD LT – AUTODESK, GRAITEC – ADVANCE CONCRETE, ARCHITEXT PALLAS.