Client Advocate


PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION is a relationship-based company, this being one of our core values, and it means that we partner with our clients to develop long-term relationships with them, get to know their businesses and objectives on a deep level, advocate for their interests as our own, and help them grow. In today’s world of complex building design, financial challenges, extensive permitting, entitlement, and review cycles, clients undertaking capital projects increasingly look for project delivery that is solution-focused, team-oriented, and quality-driven.

Owners are searching for a new breed of project partners: those who understand the role of the trusted advisor and adopt the outlook that their ultimate goals are project success and a satisfied client. Because each project demands the involvement of many professionals and technical consultants, we focus on protecting the interest from an objective and critical coordination role. Instead, we put ourselves in the client’s shoes as an extension of the organization, living out the client’s mission, vision, and values throughout the entire process.

 More than 90 percent of the work PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION does comes from repeat business through our long-term relationships. We customize teams to match client needs: finding the right people to develop solutions and positioning ourselves in locations where clients plan to invest.

it is our responsibility to advocate for our clients, from the permitting process through project completion.
Renovating a home is a significant undertaking with lots of moving parts. It is bound to be stressful.
PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION mitigates client stress. We watch your back.

PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION will work as an advocate for the client’s company to:

  • Make sure the consulting firm performs a comprehensive, pre-design engineering analysis.
  • Set design parameters and confirm mutual understanding of the design plan.
  • Serve as a design advisor to the consultant on areas that are not part of their core expertise.
  • Monitor the consultant’s work throughout the process, identify potential issues early on, and make sure they are addressed within agreed-upon budget and timing parameters.
  • Confirm that the final product corresponds to clients’ expectations.
  • Assist with operations planning and start-up, operator training, and initial operations monitoring so that the new facility runs smoothly once built.