General Design & Project Coordination

General design & coordination = fully integrated design services

We believe that the traditional architectural practice of cobbling together separate disciplines for a project with little to no integration is ineffective in enabling sustainable solutions that meet all complex project requirements in today’s world.

As such, at PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION we are 100% committed to bringing all our clients a fully-integrated single team that will take care of all the aspects, whether designing a building from the ground up or rehabilitating an existing one.

We are experts in all facets of building design services, and we embrace every endeavor with a robust mixture of leadership, collaboration, and community engagement. As a multidisciplinary team, we come to the table with a clean slate and open mind and listen to clients’ goals, thoughts, and passions. We work towards building an inclusive understanding of clients’ needs before we get started so that the final solution incorporates his goals, culture, and mission.

The idea of an integrated design firm is not a new concept for us. However, PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION’s unique integrated design process, where in-house architects and engineers work collaboratively on a day-to-day basis in real-time, fundamentally changes the process from a team of consultants to a team of partners and enables our teams to:


  • Integrate process results in places and spaces that maximize building performance and reinforce well-being and engagement while requiring less energy, less water, less square footage, and less building materials. This new integration model redefines the traditional design process by creating uniquely collaborative teams that commit to discovering the connections between design excellence and sustainability.
  • Have an interactive and dynamic process. For a design project to be successful, it must go beyond meeting the functional requirements. We believe that sustainability is too important to treat it as just a scorecard. Instead of chasing fashion, our integrated teams create spaces and places that enrich lives and create long-term value for our clients by changing the discussion from added cost to added value.
  • Ask right from the start of each discipline, “How would you do it?” It is a process that takes this early input and informs the design, making our process linear and more efficient. This early input allows our teams to better communicate with owners, contractors, and design team members. Early input from our multi-disciplined teams allows us to produce better-coordinated projects that save time and money during the project’s construction phases for our clients.
  • Engage each discipline early in the process, creating real sustainability and collaboration.

PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION’s general design expertise includes a broad range of markets and building types, including the automotive industry, industrial and logistic, office and residential, commercial and retail, harbors and airports, defense, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, petrochemicals and chemicals, agriculture and products processing, sports and recreation centers, various public facilities such as cogeneration, waste recycling, and sewage treatment plants.


From concept to detail, being dedicated, engaging, and passionate, we provide our clients complete projects, starting with the feasibility and building permit design, continuing with the technical and detail design, delivering at the end of construction also the “as-built” project.

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