Core values


Family – we are a company like a family. As we well know, the family is the foundation of every society. The first moral, personal, and social values are learned at home through the teachings parents pass on to their children, taught by grandparents, brothers, uncles, and other relatives or loved ones. At PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION, we take care of each other, respect each other, collaborate, and are kind and honest with each other.

Respect – we firmly believe that respect and appreciation of colleagues boost everyone’s productivity and loyalty to the company. The employer’s recognition of an employee’s performance is the basis of respect between the two individuals.

Determination – we never give up, even when the going gets tough. Over time we have made conscious decisions, faced difficult situations, and discovered that time turns them into something to overcome rather than just hardships. So we are determined to go to the end.

Safety – Safety will always come first as we strive for accident-free projects.

Integrity – We are committed to the highest ethical standards. It is what our clients expect from us and what our associates expect from their leadership and each other. The very heart of our business is the faith our clients have in us. We, as a company, and each of us as individuals must never do anything to compromise that trust.

Professionalism – We are professionals committed to saving our clients money through cost-effective solutions and value-added services while making a fair profit.

Attitude – A can-do attitude and willingness to go the extra mile for our clients and fellow associates are essential to our company’s success. Our associates are part of the decision-making process.

Team Management – Team involvement is necessary for improvement. Therefore, we always work together as a team.

Quality – Our goal is to be the best and continually improve, and we accomplish it through focused teamwork, quality-controlled systems, and hiring and educating the best people we can find.

Open and Free Communication – Meaning communicating inside the company on the vertical and within the marketplace. We offer an environment for participation and creativity for all our associates and tailor our services to personalize communications with our clients.

Inclusion – Inclusion is the lifeline of our future. It is a crucial component of our business plan and essential to the economic sustainability of the rich mix of diverse communities and clients we serve. The workforce and supplier diversity, community involvement reflect our inclusion commitment.

Clients Satisfaction – The result of our efforts must be a satisfied client. Our reputation is the key to our longevity in the construction industry and will remain the key to future successes.

Accountability – We are 100% accountable to our clients, company, teammates, subcontractors, and suppliers.

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Experience in
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“Engineering is the practice of safe and economic application of the scientific laws governing the forces and materials of nature by means of organization, design and construction, for the general benefit of mankind”

S. E. Lindsay, 1920