The start point for a well - done project

A well-designed project is based on various necessary studies completed before the design works start or during their achievement. Every building must work at optimal parameters without compromise and be efficient in the environment.

Any construction has its functionality; Placed in a location with specific climatic and hydrological characteristics within a particular space and limits on a specific land with certain physical and mechanical soil characteristics.

We do not ignore these aspects, the thorough study of these issues being essential in choosing architectural, structural, and civil engineering solutions. For example, adequately designed geotechnical investigations can result in improved foundation design and reduced construction costs.

PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION’s partners provide our clients with representative information concerning subsurface recommendations for the design and construction of many project types. With vast design experience, we understand the importance of these studies technically and economically, without forgetting the beneficial contribution of designing feasible and environmentally friendly solutions. The goal is to invest in the client’s expectations and accommodate the environment, respecting nature and the future on this planet.


Through its partners, PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION performs numerous studies related to:

  • Land/Environment:
  • Land topography
  • Hydrological and physical-mechanical characteristics of the soil
  • Environmental and greening issues
  • Environmental rehabilitation
  • Waste management

Architectural, Structural, MEP & Civil Engineering:

  • Site functionality and landscape architecture
  • Sunlight and shading
  • Passive building and acoustic systems
  • Structural systems according to site and soil conditions
  • Optimal energy consumption
  • Optimal lighting
  • Alternative renewable energies
  • Traffic