H2 ProDesign, more than a top employer

13 July 2022

When choosing a job, we pay attention to more details, and among those that occupy a job and a key role is the company’s ability to be, after all, a respected, top employer. The H2 ProDesign team is, therefore, one of those employers with whom anyone who has knowledge of architecture and wants a job in this field would like to collaborate. In addition to the tasks we have to solve every day, we take great care to focus on the needs and expectations that our employees may have. In fact, each of us, when we are looking for a job, we have certain different expectations as a coverage area, but their observance is the generation of good feedback from those interested in a particular job, either as an architect or as an engineer. designer.

What differentiates us from other employers?

One of the main distinguishing factors that manage to differentiate the H2 ProDesign team from other companies with similar activity, is the financial criterion. Specifically, we focus a lot of attention on the financial satisfaction that our employees need to have. We are aware that a decisive factor, which influences the productivity of our colleagues, is this, which is why we strive to find the necessary resources to ensure these payment conditions.

What exactly are we doing in this direction?

Beyond the Easter or Christmas bonuses or the offer of meal vouchers, as a top employer, we are committed to analyzing whenever necessary the salary benefits policy. We also offer annual indexation of wages to inflation, which is a determining factor in maintaining the purchasing power of people’s wages over time.
Starting from this initiative, which is not unique in our company, we manage to ensure a competitive working environment, with permanently motivated employees. Thus, we manage to ensure the stability we need at the level of human resources, so that we have with us people who will give everything they know better for years, creating a common, mutual fidelity.

In the end, H2 ProDesign is more than just a job where a person comes to do some work and get paid, but it is a place where employees develop in many ways.