Future generations, at the forefront of our list of priorities

13 July 2022

We strongly believe in the potential that today’s young people have, despite the fact that it is still being circulated that a large part of them are not used to respecting the rigors imposed by certain work environments. We agree with this statement to a certain point, the one in which things can be done to move this grounded faith that has been grounded for several years. It is important for us, as a company, to know how to direct correctly those who come with fresh forces, but especially with ideas that can take out of the limits of the common dusty projects, much too standardized.

Therefore, we believe that generations are the ones we can go on with the utmost confidence, and in order to dispel the myths that arise about them, we believe that the right training is the key to success. Specifically, if the team knows how to train young people who come from the faculty benches in accordance with the needs of the job and the way they work in a certain team, things can not fail. Second, it is vital for a company to let its younger colleagues have their say and be creative. Most of the time, ideas are born from small and insignificant things and great things appear.

What can we do concretely for generations of architects and design engineers?

For colleagues who do not know the software we work in, it is called Allplan Nemecheck and, in order to learn all the functions it offers, we organize paid courses so that they accumulate additional skills, which will be very useful in their future careers. Therefore, all those who want to be part of our team, will benefit from training in this regard, so that, at the end of the internship, they will be left with some thorough knowledge about how this software works. Moreover, once the main notions have been fixed, their work will be visibly easier and simpler, because all functions will ensure maximum promptness and professionalism.

Thus, we declare ourselves delighted to help all those who want to learn as much as possible about their profession, at least from a practical point of view. The faculty is meant to set the theoretical framework for what the work of an architect entails, and we can double the knowledge acquired in practical terms.