Structural Engineering Design

Sustainable, safe and efficient structures

Whether it is a new building design with complex geometry, a structural investigation of a historic structure, or rehabilitation of a structure, PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION has the engineering expertise to define the challenge, evaluate alternatives, and develop cost-effective solutions in seismic areas that satisfy the design intent of the project. We create different structural systems encompassing concrete, precast concrete, steel, composite concrete, and provide services in various project sectors.

We have worked successfully with the same clients over many years because of our continued commitment to developing better solutions and pride ourselves on delivering projects to agreed schedules at the highest quality, creativity, and ingenuity. In addition, our record of challenging structural engineering solutions in all sectors secures us a well-deserved place among renowned and appreciated structural engineering designers.

PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION works closely with architects and owners at the start of a project to define the project goals, design and construction schedule, and budget. We are team players. Typically, we try to get involved with the architect’s design process in the initial design stages. We have found that early involvement helps keep the architect’s and client’s vision in focus and avoids future pitfalls.

Our skilled and experienced design engineers utilize state-of-the-art 3D modeling software for design analysis to test structural solutions in a virtual world and push the boundaries of efficiency. The structural models also help our engineers to see how complex geometry and components of design work together. Our engineers work within creative teams, reporting to our technical director to ensure our designs satisfy all the standards and relevant codes of practice. In addition, the engineering process is subjected to a series of rigorous internal audits to ensure the final design meets all expectations of the client’s brief, and is a safe and buildable structure.

When PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION provides complete building engineering services to clients, the structural group coordinates in-house with civil/site and mechanical, electrical, plumbing, security, and fire protection staff to provide a comprehensive project. As a result, reducing coordination time for owners saves time and money during the design and construction process leading to well-coordinated projects and, thus, easier to build.

Modern structures demand a great deal of creativity from designers as they are complex, so we focus mainly on hiring only talented and innovative engineers who can introduce positive changes in the industry.

With the day-by-day increasing demand for excellence and perfection in structural design services, we keep in mind updating our services for the best possible quality we can offer. We are ready to fulfill clients’ expectations with great dedication, from minor to big-sized projects, simple to complicated, and urgent to long-term projects. As analysis and designs of structures should support the building well, it is essential to deal smartly with structural designing. Keeping this fact in mind, our engineers employ excellent integrity effects during designing as this is the main feature required to be perfect.

PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION’s structural engineering design expertise includes a broad range of markets and building types, including the automotive industry, industrial and logistic, office and residential, commercial and retail, harbors and airports, defense, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, petrochemicals and chemicals, agriculture and products processing, sports and recreation centers, various public facilities such as cogeneration, waste recycling, and sewage treatment plants.

From concept to detail, being dedicated, engaging, and passionate, we provide our clients complete projects, starting with the feasibility and building permit design, continuing with the technical and detail design, delivering at the end of construction also the “as-built” project.

Our advanced Structural engineering design services cover the following:

Structural engineering modeling & analysis:

  • 3D Structural modeling.
  • Finite element modeling.
  • Static analysis.
  • Dynamic analysis.
  • Nonlinear analysis.
  • Pushover analysis.

Structural engineering design and detailing:

  • Cast in situ reinforced concrete design and detailing.
  • Precast/Prestressed reinforced concrete design and detailing.
  • Post-tensioned reinforced concrete design and detailing.
  • Steel [hot and cold rolled, welded plates] design and detailing.
  • Masonry design and detailing.
  • Laminated wood design and detailing.

Seismic engineering:

  • Structural rehabilitation.
  • Seismic risk assessment.
  • Seismic retrofitting.

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