H2 ProDesign, a company that also focuses on the future of Architecture graduates

17 June 2022

Nowadays, many companies, companies and organizations have started to focus more and more attention on graduates who finish a certain faculty, obtain a diploma and seek to practice in their favorite field. For many of these graduates, the thought that bad luck will be on their side is a frustrating factor, which is why, from year to year, the number of students who lean towards such a complex field begins to decline. What is the cause? Well, this very impossibility to later find a job that would bring them the happiness of teaching in the field for which they studied for years and for which they have a native talent.

We, the H2 ProDesign team, wanted to end, to some extent, the directions of this “trend”, thinking of solutions for students and graduates. Here’s how I did it!

Start your career at PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTIONS (collaboration with UTCB)

Starting this year, we have dedicated several internship places to students, and so far we have managed to have in our team two interns who we tried to help as much as possible, so that the knowledge gained during the years of study to -find a practical utility. Moreover, as an element of novelty and joy for us, recently, we hired in full-time and related benefits, 2 students in the final year in architecture. Despite the fact that they need extra free time to participate in college courses, they manage to combine the two activities quite well and in a more productive way.

As for the advantages that students who come to our internship internships have, there are a multitude of benefits and advantages that they can obtain at the end of that period. Thus, within the teams, we have colleagues with over 15 years of experience, so that the youngest will receive valuable information from real professional life, knowledge that will help them easily integrate into the profession at the end of their studies.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that we are constantly investing in the future of young graduates. For example, for colleagues who do not know the software we work in (Allplan Nemecheck), we organize paid courses so that they accumulate additional skills, which they will use as skillfully as they can when they practice.