MEP Design

Energy-efficient design

Through our engineers specializing in MEP design, Prodesign Engineering & Construction seeks to integrate the latest proven technology with exceptional design to provide solutions that are: sustainable, simple, easy to adopt, efficient, and safe.

In a world of ever more valuable and constrained resources, the design of building systems and campus infrastructures demands careful attention and wise choices. Therefore, we work closely with those who will occupy the building and operate them to ensure an excellent long-term fit between design and client objectives.

  • We provide integrated mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) solutions. Our mechanical and electrical engineers and designers have vast, depth, and diverse experience in all aspects of HVAC, mechanical, power, lighting, energy management, and generation, and a myriad of other specialty systems.
  • We bring the experience for each discipline- mechanical, electrical, plumbing, information systems, and telecom – to create an integrated team that best fits the project’s needs.
  • We approach projects from an analytical, technical, and practical perspective and utilize modeling tools to inform our design process.
  • We are moving towards a more efficient approach to design, construction, and operation. From the beginning, our culture contains a dedication to energy-efficient design.
  • We take the challenge of working towards a cost-effective and efficient design practice for each client very seriously through comprehensive audits, evaluations, inspections, code calculations, and recommendations aimed at one goal: to achieve optimal life cycle costing.

Our process integrates Prodesign Engineering & Construction’s commitment to MEP design excellence. By evaluating design alternatives in collaboration with our clients, we can weigh investment costs, calculate ongoing operating expenses, make expert recommendations that add value and optimize budgets and schedules. Our dedicated team of talented designers and engineers uses state-of-the-art techniques and technologies to ensure never compromising quality during any stage of clients’ building’s life cycle.

Prodesign Engineering & Construction’s MEP design expertise includes a broad range of markets and building types, including the automotive industry, industrial and logistic, office and residential, commercial and retail, harbors and airports, defense, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, petrochemicals and chemicals, agriculture and products processing, sports and recreation centers, various public facilities such as cogeneration, waste recycling, and sewage treatment plants.

From concept to detail, being dedicated, engaging, and passionate, we provide our clients with complete projects, starting with the feasibility and building permit design, continuing with the technical and detail design, and delivering at the end of construction also the “as-built” project.

Our advanced MEP engineering design services cover the following:

Mechanical Design

  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning design (HVAC) for environmental control.
  • Water supply/return distribution design.
  • Energy-related design – including gas, oil, renewable, and solar design and systems.
  • Air conditioning load analysis.

Electrical Design

  • High voltage & low voltage electrical power distribution system including design of essential/emergency power (generator & UPS) systems.
  • Lighting (including artificial and emergency lighting) and lighting controls design.
  • IT, telecoms, security, and lightning protection design.
  • Fire detection and activation alarm system design.
  • Riser and panel schedule design.
  • Lux level calculation and lighting design.

Public Health Design

  • Domestic water supply design (both regular and hot water systems).
  • Sanitation and wastewater design.
  • Stormwater drainage and rainwater harvesting design.

Fire Protection Design

  • Sprinkler protection design.
  • Water and mist system design.
  • Dry riser and wet riser design.