Civil Engineering, Roads & Platforms

The civil engineering & landscape design process is integral to our planning phase. When civil engineering and landscape integrate, there are unique opportunities: we offer core endeavors to enhance communities and spaces by creating beautiful environments for everyday life, work, and play.

We ensure that the site is functional in terms of earthwork, vehicle movements, and utilities; these exact requirements provide the ways that bolster the site’s financial, aesthetic, and ecological roles. Just a few examples:

  • Utilities can be sited to avoid tree roots,
  • Site grading can be specified to accent the buildings,
  • Walkability can be promoted within the parking plan
  • Building locations can be optimized for generating positive streetscapes.

Thoughtful and creative solutions emphasize the orchestration of the building with the indigenous environment. The composition of space, light, and landscape materials are attractive, intriguing, and efficient regarding protecting and sustaining natural resources, maximizing the environment’s inherent amenities, and creating unique places.

PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION incorporates Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture & Engineering in most civil engineering projects providing unique design options in every project.  Utilizing the site analysis process at the front end of the project can help establish the design that works best with the natural elements of the land and the cultural needs of the users.

Our clients turn to our civil engineering resources to uncover challenges and unforeseen issues experienced with land development and civil engineering. Our engineers are experts in providing all aspects of civil engineering, including drainage, stormwater management, water distribution, sewage collection, retaining tanks & basins, retaining walls, strutting systems, special foundations, roads, pavements, and hard standings.

PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION provides comprehensive civil engineering services to answer all land development needs and help the client save valuable time and money. Our services include:

Site Planning

  • Site selection and assessment
  • Site inventory and analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Master planning (stormwater and utility infrastructure)

Site Engineering

  • Master stormwater and drainage system design and permitting
  • Geometry, grading, and paving design
  • Water distribution and sewage collection system design
  • Commercial, industrial, and residential developments
  • Local, state, and federal regulatory and environmental permitting


Environmental Engineering

  • Utility availability investigation and studies
  • Master water distribution system design
  • Master sewage collection system design
  • Manifold pump station designs
  • Sanitary sewer force main designs


  • Access design
  • Roadway design and engineering
  • Parking analysis and design
  • Traffic circulation analysis and design
  • Pavement section design
  • Pavement marking and channelization
  • Maintenance of traffic plans
  • Roadway and traffic control signage

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Our combination of technical expertise and creative design
is reflected through our many successful designs, including recognised iconic buildings and high-quality projects.