What Are the Most Popular Architectural Styles?

07 February 2023

The construction of a new building is not at all simple process, and this is why it is good to call on specialists when it comes to designing a new house or any another type of building. They will know which type of structure is more suitable (with load-bearing walls, frame structure, or mixed), they will help you choose the best quality materials, they will realize your project and take care of everything necessary to enjoy the results as soon as possible. In any construction, the appearance, the architecture is also important, and for that, an appropriate style is chosen, there are several architectural styles, each with its own characteristics.

  • Contemporary style

It is mainly characterized by the presence of many elements aimed to help the construction in being sustainable, by and combining traditional and ecological elements.

Contemporary buildings often use wood, natural stone, glass, etc. From an aesthetic point of view, constructions made in this way are in harmony with the surroundings, have a pleasant appearance and do not mix several styles.

  • Modern Style

The buildings designed in accordance with this style have characteristics such as: a well-defined aesthetic appearance, large windows, geometric lines, elimination of unimportant architectural elements, clear resistance structure, use of natural materials, or emphasis on neutral shades.

It is found especially in commercial buildings and those that have the role of office spaces.

  • Traditional style

This style is somewhat more difficult to define, as it depends a lot on the region in which a particular project will be developed. Usually, projects that are built in traditional style are created with the idea of revising old architecture.

  • Mediterranean style

More and more people are choosing to buy or build homes in this style. As a general idea, the need is to create airy buildings, with a discreet appearance and vibrant colors. Rustic elements, natural materials (especially stone and wood) are frequently used, and the roof is often made of tiles. At his style of projects you will also find large terraces, balconies, and the general appearance is warm and inviting.

  • Neoclassical style

This style has its inspiration in Greco-Roman antiquity and is loved by people who want a more distinctive architecture.

The general appearance is antique, with strict geometric lines and the proportion between the latter and the size of the house is well respected.

The elegance of such a building is special, as there always will be seen ornaments and engravings specific to this particular style.

These are just a small part of the architectural styles that can be meet in various buildings, and some fit better in the case of houses, others when we talk about public spaces.

Regardless of what you want to build, if you can’t decide and if you need the help of specialists, just look for the people from PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION, who will come to meet you with numerous solutions that also emphasize protecting the environment surrounding.