Is architecture important or not?

31 January 2023

When designing a new project, no matter how imposing it is, the most common emphasis is placed on the resistance structure, which is made up of foundation, walls, pillars, boards, beams, stairs and roof, etc. All of this must be thought in such a way that at the end a solid project will result.

The resistance structure is very complex, and its design is carefully made to meet all necessary requirements. From an engineering point of view, the structure must comply with the required design norms, be stable, durable and provide safety.

From an architectural point of view, it must have a pleasant appearance, comply with the legislation in-force, be functional for the purpose for which it was designed, and from an economic point of view it must be built in such a way that the costs are optimal, but without any compromise.

The importance of architecture in any constructions project is another important topic and great importance should be given to this aspect, because it cannot be built at random, taking into account only the quality of the structure. A construction is successful when it is solid, but at the same time attractive from an aesthetic point of view. At the same time, it should not be forgotten that in some areas it is mandatory to observe certain details about architecture, so it is of significant importance.

Architecture is especially important from a social point of view, having  a very big impact, because any construction when observed from the outside, says nothing about the materials used or the resistance structure. From the outside there is only the appearance, which is visible best in the buildings that have a tourist purpose – see the Romanian Athenaeum, Voroneţ Monastery, Corvin Castle, Constanţa Casino, and another great Romanian historical projects.

If we realize the architectural importance of a building and want to do everything by the book, we need an architect who will come up with the experience and knowledge he has and help us to achieve the desired results. Such a specialist deals with the design of the building, collaborates with construction specialists to ensure that the project is feasible, deals with everything that means urban legislation and environmental impact, is in close contact with engineers, topographers, and other specialists involved in the project, making sure that every little aspect is adapted up to the highest requirements and available budget.
Nowadays, resistance structures are designed to be as sustainable as possible, and for this you may need specialized help. At the same time, in terms of architecture there are always needed well-trained professionals who will guide us in the desired direction. All this professional aid can be found at PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION, a design and consulting company that emphasizes quality, innovation and sustainability.