Comercial, retail, birou și rezidențial

Every square meter counts!

Commercial and retail spaces – that is where every square meter counts! Commercial and retail design offer their challenges and considerations, and Prodesign Engineering & Construction is all about overcoming them. Those square meters must not appear too cluttered, so one can see the products sold and channel sophisticated but straightforward aesthetics.

Whether a 5,000 sqm retail bay or a 25,000 sqm big box store, Prodesign Engineering & Construction plans welcoming spaces that create an enticing, hardworking, and highly profitable retail environment. Prodesign Engineering & Construction have extensive experience teaming with developers and multinational retail companies to plan and design many commercial and retail projects, from single-tenant projects to large mall campuses.

The project team often includes several disciplines, including the development manager, architects, and engineers, who must collaborate to plan and design a project efficiently. Prodesign Engineering & Construction also works directly with developers on one-of-a-kind retail and commercial projects, completing all drawings for the development while establishing distinct architectural guidelines.


Moreover, to top it all, our professionals collaborate closely with the municipal authorities to gain project approvals that facilitate
„on time” construction.


We have helped multinational retailers to expand their brand presence into new communities. Our comprehensive design services allow us to handle all aspects of architecture and internal design to ensure an efficient, issue-free build process.


We possess the creativity, energy, depth, and talent to make every office & residential project a unique response to our clients’ needs. We know that people live and grow within these spaces. Together with the owner, we identify the problems, anticipate the needs, encourage social interaction between neighbors and respect the context of the building within a community.

Our designs set the tone for the space yet allow for personal touches that make it a home. With office & residential works, we get a chance to connect people to an area on an entirely different level. Design invigorates a space, but in the end, it is the people that make it real.

Prodesign Engineering & Construction extensive experience in the office & residential market gives us the versatility to work on many projects, ranging from adaptive reuse of historic buildings to the design of newly constructed high-end residential units.

We work with our clients from concept to completion and evolve our designs throughout every stage, from design to construction.

We combine both creative ideas and unique design elements to realize a home. We enjoy the collaboration process with our clients and find that achieving the best projects requires mutual trust and a sense of fun throughout the design and construction process, even though the most challenging moment.

We also work closely with many of the finest consultants and builders who help deliver the product. This unique local architecture and design knowledge foster mutually beneficial and genuine relationships with builders and contractors across Romania.

Drawing on our years of industry experience and evolutions as designers, we have refined our process to be fluid but flexible, accommodating our different clients’ diverse requirements. We assess all elements – overall concept, physical contexts, environment – to identify how our design responds and delivers.

As a result, our modern office & residential architecture aims to be sympathetic to its surroundings by significantly reducing the carbon footprint.
Our most excellent satisfaction is returning to a home we designed in the past, sometimes decades ago, and finding that the owners are still pleased with their home.

Projects in this sector

Our combination of technical expertise and creative design is reflected through our many successful designs,
including recognized iconic buildings and high-quality projects.