Diseminarea comunității

Helping our community

PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION is engaging in a business expansion benefiting the community as well as the company. This program aims to increase the number of high school or university graduates who either obtain employment in the construction industry or get a college degree (or degrees) in engineering or construction management.

Accordingly, PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION is evaluating ways and means to work with different entities and authorities in developing a plan which will focus on helping high school and college/university students, as well as private entities, who have an interest in the construction industry, specifically in engineering design and construction. Providing mentoring, guidance, and technical training to provide a background will help them succeed in these areas.



Through a mentoring program, PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION will provide the students with a technical background that will enable them to understand the principles of engineering, design, and construction. 

The students will have technical training for 4 hours a week with assigned homework and projects performed. The program will also provide them with valuable discipline and life skills to become successful professionals in their chosen field and everyday life.   

PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION will focus primarily on students already considering a career in the construction industry or a degree in engineering, construction management, or technical trades.  Only students who show seriousness, are hardworking, and focused will be selected to continue their training via PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION‘s program. PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION will also assist students who have applied, are in the process of applying to, or already attending universities or technical/trade schools that offer degrees in engineering or construction management.

 ​SEMINARS: Mr. Radu Constantin Heput and the PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION team will hold seminars to enhance the mentoring program and give students valuable tips on how to excel and succeed in engineering design and construction management as technical/trades in the construction industry.


  •  The program will provide students with an understanding and appreciation of fundamental engineering and other technological activities, hands-on experience, and practical information in technical problem-solving.
  • The program will also educate the student in the process and requirements of becoming a licensed professional engineer, certified technician, or tradesperson. In addition, recognized individuals such as architects, engineers, project managers and administrators, technicians/tradesmen and women, and others will be invited to lectures, hold roundtable discussions, and share their experiences.
  • Students will get opportunities to visit several types of construction sites and manufacturing companies to further their understanding of the industry.
  • Other highlights include creating networking opportunities for the students within the construction industry, raising money from organizations and individuals for scholarships for students, recognizing students’ merits and achievements during and after completion of the program, and assisting students in securing co-op education and internships in the construction industry.


  • Outlining the framework for the mentoring and training program.
  • Providing students with an understanding and appreciation of fundamental engineering and other technological activities.
  • Providing hands-on experience and practical information in technical problem-solving.
  • Educating students in the process and requirements of becoming a licensed professional engineer, certified technician, or tradesperson.
  • Inviting recognized professionals in the industry to share their experiences.
  • Inviting current and past interns from PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION to share their experiences as students and young engineers.
  • Questions and Answers about engineering and related technical trades will be part of the program.


Saving one person from a life of challenges and hardship by mentoring and providing him/her with a usable skill will save our community, society, and country a substantial amount of money throughout his/her lifetime.

High School Level

Students will become familiar with the practice of engineering, design, and construction in professional and trades environments. They will also understand their roles and activities in the construction and manufacturing industries. We will assist the students in clarifying academic and professional goals and gain confidence by having significant knowledge and experiences to learn from and discuss. They will also develop essential life skills such as motivation, communications, interpersonal skills, critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership, group dynamics, and research and independent study skills. In addition, students will discover the wide variety of job opportunities available in the engineering profession and the construction and manufacturing industries.

College Level

The skills learned through the proposed mentoring program will be the keys to a students’ successful career in engineering or construction management and success as an engineer. They will prepare college students for the type of projects they will undertake in the future.  

During the mentoring program, interns will learn the specifics that occur in every project. Clerical duties will also be performed by the intern, in which they will be responsible for preparing emails, letters, memos, and other transmittals. The program shapes students into capable professional engineers, instilling students with the proper work ethic and an effective way to communicate.