Metal structures – pros and cons

07 March 2023

Metal structures are structures used in the field of construction, with the aim of supporting the strength of a building or or part of it .

They consist of several elements, among which we mention:

  • pillars – are elements placed vertically and have the role of transferring the loads of the building to the foundation;
  • beams – represent the horizontal elements that connect the pillars;
  • consoles – are elements that support at one end, most of the time protruding outside the building gauge to provide more useful space;
  • braces – are positioned diagonally, X-shaped and contribute to the strength of the structure, reducing movements on the side;

Located in Shanghai, one hundred years ago, the steel bridge.

All these elements, but also others that will be needed, are manufactured in advance, then brought to construction sites where they are cut, welded and joined as needed. You can find out more from the specialists of PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION.

Many people opt for metal structures, which have a number of advantages that are worth mentioning:

  • are resistant – this aspect is especially important, because we all want to erect buildings that are as qualitative as possible and behave as well as possible, regardless of the requests to which they are subjected;
  • are durable – this detail matters a lot, because any building is built in order to be used for as long as possible;
  • can be used on a large scale – metal structures are not only used to build dwellings and halls, but are also useful in making platforms for drilling, commercial buildings and offices, warehouses, bridges, walkways, transmission stations, parks with solar panels and much more;
  • easy to customize – this feature allows to make structures of various sizes and shapes, which is a big plus;
  • easy to install – once made, metal elements are not difficult to install. Yes, there are pieces that need to be cut to the required dimensions, then welded and/or joined, but there is nothing very complicated and in addition the execution time is a short one;
  • are recyclable materials – if you are also interested in this aspect, find out that the elements that make up these structures are made of steel, and this material can be reused or recycled, as the case may be;
  • is safe from fires – this is possible due to the fact that steel (fire-protected, according to the norms in force) can withstand high temperatures without deforming in contact with the fire, and the structure will remain standing.

However, there are also disadvantages that these constructions have and it is good to remember them, in order to get an idea as clear as possible:

  • high initial costs – metal structures are durable and durable, but for this you need to invest more initially;
  • corrosion-related problems – this is a disadvantage only if you do not take care that initially to apply anticorrosive treatments, which will increase the life of the structure;
  • can lead to heat loss during the cold season – this happens because steel is a good thermal conductor. The problem, however, can be solved if you deal with good thermal insulation.

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