Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology



In the high-stakes world of pharmaceutical and biotechnology engineering, precision and innovation are key to developing essential healthcare solutions and keeping pace with a fiercely competitive industry.

The pharmaceutical and biotech industry requires sophisticated facilities for product research and development, testing, manufacturing and distribution. PRODSIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION has utilized state-of-the-art methodologies and practices to design complex facilities focused on uncompromised safety, quality and reliability. We design these facilities to meet the latest international requirements/standards and clients’ objectives in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Over the coming years, both the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, will both face considerable pressure on profitability. Increasing generic competition, shorter product cycles, and higher risk management standards, are other factors which are forcing the constant need for innovation. To remain competitive, most companies rely on innovative and/or new products and processes. This strategy inevitably or often requires the construction of new plants and buildings. Considerable investment is therefore required, which should pay off in the long term and enable the desired growth.

In our planning work, we can draw on a wide range of experience and expertise in the areas of pharmaceutical. This includes general design of architecture (including the design of clean rooms), structural and MEP design, including project management. Our engineers, architects and designers are experienced in a wide range of processing technologies. Process Engineers, working closely with our Process Architects, Piping Designers, Facility Engineers, Control System Integration Team and Regulatory Compliance professionals are capable of efficiently translating the client’s needs into an optimum manufacturing process.

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