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From single tenant projects to large mall campuses, PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION have extensive experience teaming with developers and multi-national retail companies to plan and design a wide array of commercial and retail projects. The project team often includes several disciplines, including the development manager, architects and engineers who must effectively collaborate to efficiently plan and design a project. The professionals at PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION work closely with the municipal authorities to gain project approvals that will facilitate “on time” construction.

Commercial and retail spaces – where every square meter counts! Commercial and retail design offer their own challenges and considerations. Those square meters must appear not too cluttered so one can see the product being sold and yet channel simple but sophisticated aesthetics. The retail world being so competitive requires interior spaces to regularly change – another way to get and keep customers coming back. Whether it is a 5,000 sqm retail bay or a 25,000 sqm big box store, PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION is all about designing welcoming spaces that create an enticing, hardworking and highly profitable retail environment.

We’ve helped multi-national retailers to expand their brand presence into new communities. Our comprehensive design services allow us to handle all aspects of architecture and internal design to ensure an efficient, issue-free build process. PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION also works directly with developers on one-of-a-kind retail and commercial projects, completing all drawings for the development, while establishing distinct architectural guidelines.

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