We're hiring: MEP ENGINEER

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Ideal candidate

  • Graduate of any University / College, with Installations/MEP specialization;
  • Bachelor’s degree, 4-years full time studies;
  • AutoCAD, StabiCAD, SpriCAD, Dialux, etc….user;
  • MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) User;
  • Knowledge in the design field, analytical thinking, ability to synthesize and detail;
  • Ability to work with specific tools for assisted design, spatial view and technical sense;
  • Availability / ability to work in interdisciplinary teams;
  • Knowledge of the specific legislation, standards and regulations (RO, EU) in force;
  • Foreign languages: English and / or German medium / advanced level, technical vocabulary it is an advantage;
  • Driving license B category – is an advantage.

Job description

  • Study all documentation related to the proposed project and communicate towards the MP (Project Manager) or the site manager, any identified non-conformities;
  • Ensures that all site activities are consistent with the latest versions of the project manager’s received documents;
  • It is ensured that the daily work schedule for teams, subcontractors and machines is carried out;
  • If necessary, explains certain steps/phases in the execution schedule;
  • Ensures that all documents are drawn up weekly, depending on the execution schedule, the provisions of the contracts concluded with the suppliers/subcontractors and the physical stage of the works, and sends them to the project manager to be validated;
  • Plan and coordinate the activity in the construction site;
    Handles all installation procedures for all types of installations: HVAC, sanitary, electrical, automation and other weak currents (CCTV, access control, etc.);
  • Monitors all the time the works that are being carried out on the construction site and if there are any problems that may arise during execution;
  • Assure the communication with the quality staff of the responsible/beneficiary partners, associations or in order to meet the quality standards of the proposed projects;


  • Motivating salary, appropriate to the job and related responsibilities;
  • Periodic salary increases, depending of the professional performance and employee involvement;
  • Job stability;
  • Job tasks predictability;
  • Work schedule and holidays according the legal regulations;
  • Continuous internal and external training / specialization provided by the employer;
  • Friendly working environment for the professional development benefit of the employee;
  • Opportunity to work within mixed interdisciplinary teams consisting of structural engineers, MEP engineers and experienced architects;
  • Involvement in relevant projects for the professional career of the employee, as well as for the company’s portfolio;
  • Professional experience to be acquired within an appreciated company in the design / construction field.

PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION takes every opportunity to promote individuals from within the company. By providing professional training, staff are given the chance to prove themselves and progress to senior positions with added responsibility, in the division they work in.  This is subject to vacancies and the potential of the staff to take up additional responsibility.

We are always looking for highly skilled, committed and
enthusiastic people to join our team.

    See our values in action every day

    As a company built upon a family ethos, we ensure that the considerable amount of time we spend with our colleagues is as engaging as possible. We are proud of our values and our culture which are at the heart of our company and set the standard for how we behave.

    Broaden your horizons

    PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION is a diverse and growing business. We are a dynamic and innovative company working across Europe. Whether your area of interest is technical, commercial, construction, design, project management, asset management or in group functions there will be a role that interests you. We can offer you a wide range of opportunities; to use and develop your skills, to learn and grow and to experience unexplored places.

    cautam ingineri instalatori, preferabil cu experiență, însă oferim posibilitatea ca viitorii nostrii colegi să se dezvolte chiar în echipa noastră.


    PRODESIGN ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION is looking for structural engineers, preferably with experience, but we offer the opportunity for our future colleagues to develop right in our team. Since its establishment until today, our company has focused on fulfilling all the needs and desires of the customers who requested our services. Basically, what we wanted from the first day we appeared on the market was to always cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship with those who put all their trust in our professionalism and involvement – the clients. Currently, we still strive to do things as well as possible, even perfectly, because as the years have passed, we have realized that these people are the ones who help us to grow, to be more inspired and even better every day in this field of activity. Even if the profession itself is technical, there are many aspects within it that involve other skills, such as creativity, a good orientation, future perspective and many others.

    Therefore, if you want to evolve with us, coming up with new ideas every day, helping the team to thrive, we are very open to a long-term collaboration, especially if you think you can meet the following few conditions: